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Possible exploit - utorrent 1.7.7


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My machine was infected a couple of days ago at a time when, as far as I know, only utorrent was running. I got the time from the date and time on the infected files.

C:\WINDOWS\system32\delxrrgj.dll: Trojan.Agent-68 FOUND

C:\WINDOWS\system32\jlvcnors.dll: Trojan.Agent-68 FOUND

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------

Known viruses: 210966

Engine version: 0.92

Scanned directories: 0

Scanned files: 305

Skipped non-executable files: 0

Infected files: 2

This is ClamWin 0.92.

Nothing wrong with utorrent - it works fine. Thought I ought to flag it up just in case, as I have been running this system for a couple of years with no problems. But no utorrent.

Thanks, Bill

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What I know:

utorrent does not install any *.dll files, so if you have infected ones now, they are not from utorrent.

Perhaps you have a virus on your machine or your antivir software indicates that 1 shown files as "false positives" (antivir software is wrong indicating in that case).

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