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How do I recover lost Lists?


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PROBLEM: After having to restart uT, and rebooting the comp, the list that shows the files being downloaded/uploaded/completed is gone. The drive that uT downloads/uploads to/from (E:) checks out OK as does the C: drive where uT was installed to. Those files that were 80% - 98% complete (taking almost a week, are gone. All stat files are gone.

The left window pane displays the following:

All (0)





but, the bottom status bar of uT shows DHT:273 nodes and fluctuates up to 276 and back. D:0.x where x rabnges between 3 and 7kb/s T:319.5KB and U:0.x where x ranges between 0 anmd 1kb/s T:118.3kb

The system is connected and running. Can access the 'net via IE, and Pings work good.

Is there a way to try to recover the list so I can start where the files left off, and not restart all over again? uT must have that list somewhere. Is it a txt file?


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After you start up uT old lists as you call them are overwritten. That's why I make healthy usage of my tips on backups. Was there anything odd about the last restart? Was there a power outage or did your computer crash? It is possible under %APPDATA%\uTorrent you may find "resume.bad" files in which case you can try repairing whatever the bad part is with Ultima's B.F.E. tool.

PLEASE NOTE: Backing up ALL relevant files before editing is recommended as you are using B.F.E. to edit uT files. Additionally the BFE comes with little additional support without specific questions.

Those numbers from the status bar are traffic. Without any downloads going your DHT node has used up ~ 500 KiB, or 1/2 a megabyte.

NOTE: there is an alternative configuration of uT where by you run uT self-encapsulated where the exe and all the settings are in the same folder.

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jewelisheaven asked...

"Was there anything odd about the last restart? Was there a power outage or did your computer crash?

Yes. The C: drive froze up. The Appdata%\utorrent files are there. The exe is in another folder.

The c: drive is working fine now after a reboot.

jewelisheaven said...

"It is possible under %APPDATA%\uTorrent" you may find "resume.bad" files"

Sort of - they are resume.dat and resume.dat.old -

jewelisheaven said...

in which case you can try repairing whatever the bad part is with Ultima's B.F.E. tool."

Getting the BFE tool as I write, but looks like a learning curve involved. Do you know what needs to be edited in the resume.bad files?

Many thanks for your input

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

While looking in the "APPDATA%\uTorrent folder, I found a huge list of torrents in there - some of which I know were incomplete. By dbl-left-clicking on these, uT askd if I wanted to download the file. Clicking Yes resulted in uT "Check"ing the file, and upon finished 'checking', the download picked up where it had left off.

I'm sorry to say that I for those who were receiving files from me, are out of luck as I don't know what files they were receiving ergo, I don't know how to re-add those to the list so they can pick up where left off.

I've no idea yet, if by shutting down uT and comp, if the replaced list will show up again - I'll revist this later if it does.

**BTW - knowing those files are there in the APPDATA%\utorrent" folder is good to know when cleaning up traces :)


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You have both a resume.dat.bad and resume.dat.old.bad?

The resume.dat and resume.dat.old are from your current uT session (blank one).. so should be ~ 1 KiB in size. As a rule of thumb the resume is 1 KiB per loaded torrent. So my current testing 1.8 uT with 650 torrents is 643 KiB.

As far as what needs to be edited... depends upon the problem from the crash. An incomplete write of the resume.dat.bad means not all the torrents are there, and it will be SMALLER than resume.dat.old.bad. It may also be blank, or have duplicate keys. You should be able to just File->Open or click-drag the files into the BFE :) Ultima spent some time making it user friendly as you see from the thread.

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