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completed torrent still show up leeching when parts are skipped


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Ok, I'm sorry if this is already discussed, I looked around but could not see it.

It has already happened twice, and it is not a big deal, coz it doesn't effect my ratio but here is the problem:

when I decide to download just a selection from a torrent with several files, uTorrent finishes the download and tells me I'm seeding. So in uTorrent it looks fine, but the site from where I got the torrent still shows me as leeching the file, though I stopped leeching it and am seeding it (the parts I decided to download anyway). So apparently there is a communication problem between uTorrent and the tracker. Coz uTorrent knows it is finished, but doesn't tell the site I am. Well, I have been downloading from just one site till now, so it could be tracker related, but it never happened with any of the other proggies I used.

What can I do to tell the site that my download is complete even though I didn't download some parts coz I didn't want them. And is this related to something I saw in the folder of every download that has this problem, namely a file named like this: ~uTorrentPartFile_11D9C0401.dat (well, the letters and numbers change in every case). Am I doing something wrong? Is it because I start out downloading everything and then decide to skip some parts? But you do not get a screen as in bitcomet for example before the file starts downloading to select and deselect files you want or not want. In uTorrent it already starts rightaway before giving you this option screen. It would be great if that functionality would be added in the future. But maybe this is not related to the problem above, well I just don't know if it is.

If anyone can help, ideas are welcome.

Cheers, b.

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1) http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#Why_doesn.27t_.C2.B5Torrent_report_me_as_a_seeder_when_selectively_downloading.3F

BitComet is WRONG and is violating the BitTorrent spec by saying you're a seeder (because you're not), just like virtually everything else it does is wrong.


diskio.use_partfile is used to store data that is downloaded of files that you marked as "Do not download." This is necessary to prevent the file from being allocated. It stores the parts of the files that come with a piece, since µTorrent must download and save the entire piece, which can include data for files you didn't want to download.

(from http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#What_do_all_those_settings_in_Advanced_Options_do.3F )

3) If you turn on "New torrents start in stopped mode," you can choose files before the torrent actually starts

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If BitComet does report a person as a seeder after downloading only some of the files, It has to be the all time ultimate cheater client......jesus.....

Az doesnt report u as a seeder either when doing that. No client should. BitComet needs a major check up from the neck up.

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