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Max Upload speed drops to zero every ten minutes


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I'm a bit of a noob, but I have searched this issue to no avail, so can someone explain this to me?

-I've gone through the speed guide, done my port forwarding, played with my settings, etc.

-I seem to get the best download speeds when I set my max upload speed to automatic. No matter what I manually set the up speed to, the DL speed sucks.

-When in auto up speed mode, In the speed graph, the dotted red line (max up rate)drops to zero exactly every ten minutes, then quickly rises back up to a similar(but not identical) level.

-Every time this happens, my DL rate plunges too. It then shoots back up to some level, anywhere from 2 to 4 times the up rate, and gradually continues to improve until it crashes again in ten minutes.

-This happens the same on 2 different wireless routers, 2 different isps(verizon and comcast)

What's going on here? TIA

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... you're overloading the connection or the hardware. This means your ISP is telling your modem that peer connections or peer traffic is higher than they want, OR your hardware resets itself to clear the connections because it can't track so many.

I would try reducing your active load of peer connections 10% at a time to see if that helps (Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent). However, truthfully I suffer 3% downtime (10 seconds every 10 minutes) and it's not so bad :/

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