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Uhm It Takes Forever For Me To Download. I Got A Very Slow Dl Speed


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Speed Test #46244066 by dslreports.com

Run: 2008-02-19 21:12:52 EST

Download: 1196 (Kbps)

Upload: 231 (Kbps)

In kilobytes per second: 146 down 28.1 up

Tested by server: 16 java

User: 2 @ dslreports.com

User's DNS: sbcglobal.net

Compared to the average of 924 tests from sbcglobal.net:

* download is 49% worse, upload is 53% worse

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as you see with those results... you should be running xx/256 in the speed guide to keep you from nudging your cap of 28 THEORETICAL maximum. at MOST you should be hitting 90% of your theoretical maximum due to overhead from bittorrent processes. Additionally as you increase your upload to the max download speed suffers.

You can prove this to yourself by keeping your seeding tasks going and starting OpenOffice. If you lower your upload 10% at a time, you will probably notice the download speed jump ~ 24 even though the speed guide suggests 22 upload cap.

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