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Traffic Shaping - fooling my ISP


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I use utorrent for a long time now and it's really my favorite client. It's really lite and stable and has great statistics and a lot more that i don't know I'm sure.

But recently I've discovered (Because I started using a really powerful Tracker) that my ISP is doing a really hard traffic shaping (my connection is a 12 Mb (1,5MB) and I could only download at 240 Kb (30KB) - it's less than 2% !!!!!).

That being i started to work this out and i discovered that i should change the port and enable encryption. This was in fact already done so i thought "Well, seems like my ISP can't be fooled". But a friend of mine (who has the same isp used a client that could fool the ISP and get speeds of 1,1 MB (a reasonable 73%).

The reason I'm telling this is because i want to keep using utorrent (which is much more stable and better in my opinion) but this lack of ability to fool the TS is obviously a real downside.

The client is called "deluge" and it's an open-source, so maybe utorrent and deluge could work together or at least utorrent programmers could take a look at deluge's source to figure out what's wrong with utorrent and make this great program an even greater one.

I would be REALLY greatfull.

Tkx utorrent

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Is 1.8 a beta? Cause 1.7.7 is the latest I see on the download page. As the FAQ has this helpful advice:

How/where can I get the latest µTorrent beta?

If you have to ask, you can't get them. :)

Occasionally, public betas are posted on the download page.

And a Google search for utorrent 1.8 returns this:


Download uTorrent 1.8 Alpha / 1.7.7

And some other websites with different version of 1.8 Alphas with different build #s. So, where is the latest 1.8? :) Thanks.

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