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Directory Opus is default, but 'Open containing' => explorer


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My file manager is Directory Opus.

Unfortunately utorrent's 'Open Containing Folder' opens it in explorer, not the specified file manager.

Does utorrent correctly implement file manager replacement support, or is there some way of solving this?

utorrent 1.7.5 bld 4605

xp pro SP2+

Thanks, dal987

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It uses explorer.exe directly, so even if it is setup as the default in the registry it will still not use it.


There is no reliable way to get the folder open command across OSes. Closest thing is using ShellExecute with "explore". However, for convenience we use the /select flag when opening the folder of a file to select that file in the folder - and there is no way to do this with the "explore" command. If we were to do this we would be removing a feature a lot of people are used to.

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Guess it's not a bug, and not currently a problem then.

My file manager does weird things when trying to launch explorer "C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exe" /idlist,:860:6996,C:\MobileFirefox2.0.0.12\profiles is that in-like-kind with this type of functionality?

Thanks for the heads-up Ryan :D I don't want to be annoying, but have you checked out UI Oddities recently?

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Hi, thanks for considering this so carefully. Hmm, could I throw a couple of pebbles in the water?

1. If the torrent is finished, the folder has been moved, but the torrent has not been deleted, Open Containing Folder opens explorer on C: rather than giving an error message.

I'd say that is a bug.

2. Now I've watched for this, it's more complicated. In fact, sometimes Open Containing Folder opens in explorer, sometimes in a Dopus pane in the current lister.

At first glance, it appears

'Open Containing' on a finished torrent (movie, playing) opens in explorer.

'Open Containing' on a downloading or finished (non-playing/not in use) torrent opens in Dopus.

'Open Containing' on a finished torrent where the folder has been moved or deleted opens in explorer.

That doesn't seem consistent with comments above unless I've misunderstood...so I'm puzzled..

(You're right, DOPUS is not a shell replacement- the desktop is still explorer).

Thanks dal987

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Ryan said it should open in explorer. I'm assuming that means always, but forgive me if my guess is wrong.

I'm pointing out it's actually inconsistent. That's why I'm puzzled.

Is inconsistent right? Reasonable?

I will report the other item separately as that really doesn't belong here. (no folder existing=> C:)

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If Windows calls open explorer... unless the other file manager also somehow knows the hidden keys that explorer uses, there is NO likelihood that it would even work. Even now MS is still quite closed about what parts of the OS they give out. Most information spread online is through either legitimate or illegimate means from pre release software.

I've yet to have a problem with opening folders with a different shell since this thread last came around ;) I don't see it as inconsistent... at least the way you presented the problem. What's un-reasonable about using Windows calls to explorer... since over 90% of users probably don't even know what their shell is, what it does, or that it can be changed?

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It's a minor issue, so I'm happy to drop it, esp. given Firon's response.

The only real practical implication is that it takes a while to pull up explorer and is much faster accessing DOpus, which is already resident (tray).

Also, explorer is an 'extra' window (compared to a tabbed pane within Dopus).

Mentioning MS info & inconsistency, it's interesting that right click explore File/folder on an expanded start menu ONLY invokes explorer, not your default file manager if different, which the Dopus team suggest is MS breaking its own rules.

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