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Installed new Westell Versalink 327W and cant get Utorrent working!


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Hi all, First post here...I have used Utorrent for a while now...My previous modem went out on me so I got a versalink 327w. I installed it tonight and went through and open the ports and such...When I do a port test it shows up opened and OK. I have the green check also at the bottom of the UTorrent screen...Nothing will begin to download though, it just sits there w/ no D/L ing. I am completely stumped on what to do...Did I port the Modem wrong?? Even though the test says its correct?? I guess the correct terminalogy would be that Im not connecting to the seeds and peers...even though they may show (1500), it looks like this 0(1500) for both, and I have tried multiple torrents...Anyone with some advice?


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