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Vista internet problem


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I have Vista Ultimate x64 installed and for some time now after I start uTorrent my internet connection crashes. The icon in the taskbar shows that the internet is working and when I ping a certain page it works, but when I try to connect to a page from my browser it doesn't work. I use Mozilla FireFox and tryied with Internet Explorer 7. The same thing happends. Also Yahoo! Messenger doesn't connect. I'm sure this happends because I start uTorrent. If I don't have the program running I don't have e problem.

The only way to fix this (found by me) is to restart the machine. Log off doesn't do the trick.

Also I uninstalled uTorrent and installed a fresh copy from the website. Same thing. Reinstalled the OS without saving uTorrent's settings. Same thing again. On XP I didn't got this error or bug, whatever it is.

Any ideeas?

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