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Ports wont get forwarded / Yellow Triangle


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Hi there. Some hours ago I formatted and reinstalled XP pro sp2, but before that I was running vista ultimate. There I had green light and 1.5mb in downloadspeed trough utorrent. Now it is 150~kbs and yellow triangle icon.

I have a static IP on my pc ( used the guide at portforward ), so I fixed that to the same as I had on my previous OS, but the port that is opened on the router will not go green at the test.

I have also downloaded the X2 AMD drivers, updated firmware for the router ( not that it made a difference, and it was working fine before ). No firewall is activated nor installed, and AVG is my anti-virus that is running atm.

The only thing I have done different is that I shut down some services at the administrator tools.

Any suggestions to what might be wrong ? The thing that no ports wont be forwarded is really weird, cause that has never been a problem before.

Thank you for all answers =D

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hey i think i have the same problem... i used to get about 400kbits average on downloading movies.. now after like a month its like a average 80kbits.. and these are well seeded files!!!...

my ports are foward and ieven have a green light.. But every time i make a static i.p and add it my green light goes to the yellow triangle!!

Waggo how do you make a static i.p that goes out side the routers DHCP range???....

help would be appriciated man:-)))

my DHCP start address is

end address is

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