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Not behind router, port still not open...


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Hello again,

I have a problem with utorrent and webui. I USED to have a router but I got rid of it, now I am connected into a modem of somesort. utorrent still says the port is not forwarded properly. I thought a router could only be the problem for port forwarding? I can only access the webui on this computer and not on any other computers within and out of the network. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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If the modem has more then 1 LAN port it is also a router and needs port forwards.

Also if people inside your network (I assume they are all connected to the modem, confirming it has router functionality, a true modem can only connect one computer to the internet) can't get on it you have a software firewall blocking it on top of it.

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Okay, I just checked and it doeshave more than 1 lan port. 3 to be exact. Also it has 2 phone ports too. The problem is, I cant find ANY tutorials how to open ports on this thing because its an italian Fastweb Pirelli modem.

I do have other people on the network but not connected to the modem, they are connected to a different jack in the house.

I would really like to try and get this done, would some one be willing to help me? I have MSN...

Thank you


I was searching on the forums...and some guy said this about fast web (my internet connection)

"in italy there's an isp (mine, fastweb) which give internet access (10mbit half duplex) through nat, and you cannot forward anything."

Is there a way to get around this?

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