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Yellow Triangle / No Incoming Connections


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I've used both uT 1.7.7 and the 1.8 Beta, on Windows XP SP2, but the port is not being recognised even though a few days ago it had been perfect.

Nothing has changed, it just suddenly couldn't connect to the port.

My DL/UL speed has been reduced to 5kB/s.

- Netgear WGR164v7 router (port forwarded).

- Zone Alarm Security Suite (with the correct TCP/UDP port settings for uTorrent).

- Virgin UK 4mb cable.

Is there something else I need to do to uTorrent? Or could it be a problem with my ISP?

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If it was working, and now it isn't... go through the timeframe. Did anything change on your computer?? Updating software or windows?? Have you checked your network hardware (modem and router if applicable)?? You may have been put onto a limited plan due to excessive bandwidth usage and or AUP or FUP violations. Did you already check OpenOffice?

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I took out a dead stick of RAM recently, but that shouldn't affect anything to do with the connection.

I do occasionally get capped by Virgin if I download excessively, but it's a global cap not a bit-torrent specific speed throttle. Anyway even when I'm not capped its still "Yellow".

Unless I'm mistaken, Virgin don't block or limit connectivity of Torrents (according to wikipedia).

The secondary computer (which goes through the same router, using a different port) is also affected and nothing has changed on that PC at all.

UPDATE: I downloaded OpenOffice, and the speed was at my capped maximum (100kB/s), but uTorrent is still saying there's "Limited Connectivity".

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Well I'll have to talk to Virgin tomorrow and ask them if it's something on their side (if they decided to tell the truth), and if it is I may have to seriously consider switching ISP's as they're awful.

UPADTE: I spoke with Virgin today and they denied any such throttling of bit-torrent.

I also managed to get a temporary solution to the port problem by allowing UPnP again, it'll do for now until I can figure why I can't use a static port.

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