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Red Icon with decent speeds


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I've had my port forwarded and the green icon on utorrent for a while now. It's been working fine, until today. Today, when I turn on utorrent, I see the red icon. Well, I've never seen this before, and it tells me that I should open up a port so others can connect to me. Well, I'm thinking to myself, I've had the port open for the past few months and it has worked fine. I go to the Speed Guide and test if the port is forwarded, and utorrent tells me that it isn't.

Now I head to my router settings. The port is still there, unchanged. I test the port again, just to be sure. Since this particular port is having problems, I change the port in utorrent, and forward it. This port is also comes up as not being forwarded when I test it.

The strangest thing though, my download/upload speeds are around where they usually are.

I don't think there have been adverse affects yet, but if anyone can help me make sense of this, that'd be great.

Edit: I have not installed anything in months.

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Network Status icon.


"I could not see you service (insert ip address) on port (insert port)"

Reason: Connection timed out

utorrent testport

Error! Port (insert port) does not appear to be open.


Status - Stealth

Unknown Protocol for this port

Unknown Application for this port

As I've said, I haven't noticed problems, but it still worries me that something could go wrong.

Thank you for the response.

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I have the same issue but i'm trying to determine if speeds "really are decent".

I have 2 network cards, on 2 different networks, connected to 2 different internet service providers.

I'm not trying to do any magic... I'm JUST TRYING TO LIMIT THE uTorrent TRAFFIC TO THE ONE ISP/NETWORK CARD by setting the net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip advanced settings.

My instance also keeps failing the port test, but i notice the port test always thinks i'm "calling from" the other IP address. My speeds are nothing bad, but nothing brilliant (anymore) either... the open office test yielded an average of less than 100kbps that spiked to 300kbps for a little while.

Things just don't seem as smooth as when i was running from a machine with the one network connection. Is there something else I should be looking for? I'm worried half the traffic is getting lost on the other ip address somehow.

lol clearly i'm no expert. Sorry for the caps (I figure it's more likely someone will notice the key sentence if it sticks out). Any advice?

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