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Things gone slow, maybe dir655 fault?


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Hi, posting to see if anyone can help me with a problem that i've wasted days on now to no avail.

Before now i've had good, stable connections (like 400KBs overall download) but now it's all gone wrong :S.

What happens if i start up Utorrent and it goes to like 40KBs overall download (green light at bottom and ports open ok) and after about a minute it drops to 20KBs and stays there with green light however it says the port is not open ok.

and i look on my router log (Dlink dir-655) and it has a lot of these...

Blocked incoming TCP packet from to xx.xx.xx.211:45682 as RST:ACK received but there is no active connection

(45682 is my Utorrent port)

I'm pretty sure my Utorrent settings are fine as i've had good speeds with them before now.

I've tried portforwardin, different ports, DMZ, messin about with "net.max_halfopen" and disabling SPI firewall and it still does exactly the same thing and it's startin to wind me up and any help would be appreciated.

Internet connection: Virgin 4mb broadband

Internet adapter: DWA-547

Thanks in advance


I think i have resolved the problem, i think the spybot sd helper was stopping it, as when i closed it the connections stayed open and back to normal downloading speed. Thanks anyway and i hope this may help anyone else who's using spybod sd helper and is having the same problem :)

now i just need to find a good firewall alternative :) any suggestions?

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