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1.8 Beta Logo


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I'm really sorry if this doesn't belong here, I am also sorry if something similar has been posted in the past. I did use the search function beforehand but I did not find what I was looking for. :-/


I come here looking for the utorrent 1.8 Beta Logo in a higher quality and size. It is the same one as the current favicon.ico of this site. If anyone has it or can direct me to somewhere I can get it, that'll be great. :-D

I'm going to use it as a docking icon for my docking application (RocketDock).

I'm sure you all already know which one I'm referring to but in any case:


Thanks in advanced.

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Thanks jewelisheaven I appreciate it, but I had tried that. but probably (most likely) did it wrong as seeing that the biggest one I extracted was the one I had previously posted.

Out of boredom and desperation I had even tried recreating the one I was looking for. It came up looking like pure crap.

My shoopjitsu is weak, specifically my Web 2.0 part of it....

endcopydq5.pngsmallua9.pngsmallerrf4.png97184108de8.png <- Original

BTW, I used Gautami as the font.

Oh well, if anyone has any other ideas, any. I'll still be here watching :-S

Thanks again Jewels.

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