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Download/Seeding Files dissappeared from U-Torrent (How i get back?)


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Hi, I had about 10 files seeding or qued seeding and 2 large files approx 8GB downloading, one of which was on nearly 80%.

My computer started going slowly (I think it was when i opened limewire although this may have been coincidence) and unresponsive. CTRL ALT DEL didn't respond so i just resetted computer. Everything is working fine now but my downloading, completed active uploading... everything has dissappeared from UTorrent.

Is there any way to get these files back, but without starting the download again? I don't want to have to start the download all over as they were large files and nearly done.

Dono if this will help but I just got the 'start windows normally' option when i turned computer back on. UTorrent asked me if it wanted me to switch it to default torrent handler, which it was before i resetted which was weird. A few icons were move on my desktop (i had organised them this morning but now they jumped back)

I was thinking it did a system restore... but why the hell would it do that without telling me?

Antivirus/Anti-Spyware compes up clean, I'm on Vista.

(except one result called ntoskrnl.exe, labelled 'change' (under result/infection) in c/windows/system32/ntoskrnl.exe

Thanks for any help at all


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Thanks Alot :) But no luck

I just read the guide and it made sense but I can't find where the torrents are stored. I've looked around everywhere I can think of and Can't find any torrents or the %appdata%\utorrent folder either.

I found on the internet that this file path would be it:

C:\users\[user Name]\AppData\Roaming

But There is no AppData folder, it's just all my normal files under my username.

Sorry If I'm missing it in an obvious place.

Thanks again for any help

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