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Restarting a moved torrent, with a catch!


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First of all, thank you for reading this thread and trying to help me, i really appricate it!

I have a torrent file that was 80% downloaded.

I moved the downloaded files to another drive on my computer because i needed to free up space.

I went to run utorrent to continue downloading the file, but got an error saying Files Missing from job.

I moved the downloaded files back to the original download destination.

still had the same error so i Forced a re-check.

Utorrent went from being 80% downloaded to 0% and began the download all over again.

As of right now, i have the original 80% of the file downloaded and sitting in the original download location, but utorrent wants to re-download the file completely (which is about 10.2 gb)

Im wondering if theres any way i can make utorrent continue downloading back to the original file.

It wasnt a single file, it was a folder containing several ISO`s -if that helps at all.

Thank you for reading!

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It's not in the right location. That's why it's started back over @ 0%. Have you checked to make sure the save as field in the General tab matches the folder which opens when you right click -> open containing folder? Or to make it easy, use uT's internal mechanism for changing location, right click -> advanced -> set download location. You will then have to click on the folder you're looking for no matter where it is.

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