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Slow speeds with 200+ seeds


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Hello, I have really big problems with my downloading speed and i have been trying to fix them for.. well.. years.. I always use Utorrent, just beacuse its so easy. I have tried tweaking the settings but with no result. I have also set up some random port. Any help would be much appreciated.


This is what my download speed looks like now.

Btw, my download speed is 2000kbits/s


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Try turning off DHT and setting upload slots to 5.

(NOTE: Upload slots set so high is only because you're running 1 torrent at a time!)

Probably best to leave half open advanced setting set to 8...as it seems you're connecting to sufficient peers+seeds (50 total in picture!) as-is.

Your ISP may be disrupting/throttling BitTorrent traffic. Have you checked the Azureus FAQ on hostile ISPs to see if yours is on the list and possible ways around it?

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