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i think i've done everything correctly but i need confirmation please.


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Hi everyone, i've read the help and the foums and i've set up my utorrent correctly. the green icon is on. my provider says i get 54 Mb/s or converting it, it is 6.75 MB/s. i tested it and i get 2800Kb/s pretty consistently. i don't know if that's good or bad or what.

The port is properly forwarded.

global Max # of connections - 600

Max # of connected peers per torrent - 60

# of upload slots per torrent - 6

Max upload rate - 50

MAx download rate is unlimited

the number of seeds is aound 4 - 8 per torrent. i'm running two torrents.

connected peers are 15 and 40 approx.

the size of the torrents are 7.75 and 7.71 GB

availability is 8 and 15 approx.

average download speed is 20 and 40 kB/s

the fastest i get is approx. 13 and 16kB/s

is this just a slow torrent? or what am i doing wrong? the ETA says 2 -3 weeks! is this normal for a torrent this size? any help you can give me would be appreciated. thanks!

my provider is Bell Sympatico.


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Welcome to the forum and thank you for the information about your setup :D

You don't mention... your speedtest UPLOAD values. From that list of your settings I presume you've got .5Mbit up? That seems a bit off if you've got 50Mbit down :// Are you sure you're not talking about your wireless speed? 2.5MBps down is ~ 20 Mbit. As far as the connections that's great :) It's not too high and there's room to grow your torrents as long as you're not running more than 3 simultaneously.

The torrent information is less important since seeds and connected peers and therefore availability is variable. What we need to figure out is whether the dissonance between your speedtest (theoretical maximum throughput) and sustained bittorrent downloads can be lessened some. So can you try OpenOffice Torrents and see if you still get ~ 40KiBps average download??

If that's the case, try Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent -> force encryption, and disallow legacy connections. Check the speed again. If that still shows no improvement perhaps you'll benefit from the in-development 1.8 uT from the Announcements forum. To be sure it's not interfering with your current settings you'll want to run it self-encapsulated.

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