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Torrents going red


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I'm not sure if this board is the right place to post this, or even if it's a uTorrent issue.

When I first start uTorrent for the day, all my torrents are in the green, and seeding just fine. But after maybe ten, or fifteen minutes, they all start to go red. And these torrents aren't from just one private tracker, they're from many(I got torrents going for about eight different private trackers). So I don't think it has anything to do with the trackers

In the General tab, the torrents are listed as Offline(Timedout). They are still seeding, but they aren't recording back to the tracker now since they're red. So I'm basically seeding for nothing now(well...not nothing, it's just not getting recorded, I'm assuming the peers are still getting the files).

So...I can Exit out of uTorrent, then start it back up. And the process will start all over. They'll be green for a little while, then slowly one by one will go red. This just started a couple weeks ago. The last year or so before that when I was using uTorrent, I never had a problem. All the torrents will stay in the green.

I looked in the Faq's and I didn't see anything on this error. If there is, then I missed it.

By the way, I'm using uTorrent 1.7.7. And I'm on Windows XP SP2. And I have a forwarded port. Would maybe changing ports help?

If anyone knows, or has any recommendations to this, I would be very appreciative.


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I'm not positive. I know I patched it a long time ago, following a guide. But I forgot where to look to see where it's set at.

EDIT: I'm pretty positive I set it to 100 though when I did it. And that was over a year ago.

EDIT AGAIN: Wow. Ok I just ran the patcher again, and it said my halfopen was to 10. I know I switched it to 100 before. But I just went ahead and switched it to 50 like the patcher recommended. Lets see if this helps.

Should I go higher than 50?


EDIT for the third time: Ok, it's been about a half an hour since I ran the patch and set the halfopen to 50. And like I mentioned, usually within ten minutes pretty much all my torrents are red. And they all would say offline(timedout). All of them would say that.

Well, now, only eight of about 155 torrents are in the red. And the red ones have actually error statements now. One has too many torrents active, please read the faq. Or, Failure: Announcing too fast. The others have a 404 Error, which were quickly cleared up. So, there are no more offline(timedout) errors. These are actual errors coming from the trackers.

I guess this might have fixed it. I don't know how setting the number in the halfopen would do that, but it looks like it has. I'll report tomorrow and let you know if it's still going well.

Thank you DreadWingKnight for bring this up. I really appreciate it.


Ok, just to follow up, this definitely did fix it. I have absolutely no torrents in the red now. Everything is green. And now...when I download something, the download starts automatically. Before I had to load the download into uTorrent, then Exit out of it, and start it back up to get the download to start.

Now it starts to download once I load it into uTorrent.

So if anyone is having the problem that I was having, try running this patch. Thank you again DreadWingKnight. This way driving me crazy. Now all my torrents are seeding, my stats are updating accordingly at the trackers.

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when you exit and restart utorrent its updating the tracker for all the torrents.

doing this over and over can cause the tracker to lock you out.

if its downloading and seeding while its red just leave it.

youll get credit for the uploads and downloads when it lets you back in.

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