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Torrent Properties Bug


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Hi, i have found a bug and i thought it would go away with new version, but it hasnt, so im posting it here. The Bug Goes..

Lets Say i'am downloading something and am connected to peers(leechers and seeders), but i find a new tracker with same file and want to add it to the list , so i go to right click on the torrent in the utorrent program , and click properties, and i add a new tracker and hit ok, then all of the sudden, all of the seeders and leechers i was connected to goes to 0, then it slowly starts to connect again, but takes along time to go back to the speed it was downloading at previously.

what i want to know is that, is there a way i can edit or add new tracker and still be connected to my old peers.. it used to be like this but i dont know what has happened.

Any help will be much appreciated, Thank you in advance...

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