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Downloading usually at 3kB/s...


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Well first off...

I've got 2/4 seeds connected with 1/14 peers connected from a 1.06gig download.

Would 3kB/s be normal for that?

I've tried the tricks people post on increasing your download speed (searching on yahoo and google for "increase your download speed with utorrent") but none of them seemed to help at all.

At this rate, it will be 3-5 days before I can use the download...

I've checked my download speed, which is 3219kilobits per second.

I have my firewall turned off.

Am I just doomed to wait 3-5 days?

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You as a downloader are dependent upon others' upload. On small swarms indeed, especially if the torrent is older you will have to make-do with the trickle of data. :) As long as the seeds don't disconnect you'll get the file and as zombie828 says you can always start another torrent simultaneously. Remember the bad experience you had? OK so try to make it so you're uploading effiiciently to people (UPLOAD / (TORRENTS * SLOTS) > 3 KiBps is a great start)... but some people make-do with 1 KiBps outbound. However I've seen a marked increase in my downloads when individual peers can get at least 5 KiBps from me.

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