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i have a question


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You can't... Unless your on Linux and the only computer in the network directly connected to the internet with no other current user's computer's turned on at the time you wish to connect. You can't redirect incoming ports on Windows without completely editing the source code, Microsoft don't put these features in, there useless! If you are on Linux, learn the Terminal commands well, and redirect incoming requests on port 21 from FTP to standard interface! Otherwise any OS or Internet Router will treat it as standard FTP as a pose to a Program Launch :)

I would write a script for you to change this on a standard version of Linux as it's my job and what I'm paid to do. I work for Suse, but I havn't got the time or space, as in, I would need about 3-4 whole A4 pages of room, which would take you days to copy out, and me weeks to write!

If you have access to the internet however, I think your going about this the wrong way, you don't need to FTP it do you!

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