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utorrentcrash & sometimes no internetsurfing


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Hi all,

First i'd like to say that i really like the utorrentprogram and have been using it for a while now.

On to the problems:

With version 1.7.6 and 1.7.7 i've noticed i got some crashes on utorrent and my internet seems unresponsive, but utorrent is still running fine (but i can't surf on the internet anymore..). When i turn off utorrent i can surf again. Extra note: after a crash i get a warning that the listening port is out or something, which means i have to change ports again in my router/utorrent (This is only a 1.7.7 problem).

I realize it might be the possibility that my router isn't capable of handling all the traffic. But then again, in 95% of the time I am able to normally surf around. Even when i'm fully downloading/uploading there's no delay. So i find it strange.

Some info about my configuration & settings:

-computerhardware is fast enough

-Windows XP

-D-Link DGL4100

-no modem

-30mbit up/down internet connection via BBned

-ports are opened according to guide

-settings are according to guide

Recent dumps-> http://www.megaupload.com/nl/?d=UCATQNRP

If you need any more info, i'd be happy to post them.

Kind regards,


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It's not the traffic, it's the peer connections. Some routers cannot handle the persistent connections in their internal RAM.

However you are describing two problems... uT crashing and creating .dmp files; AND the internet being unavailable.

What fixes the internet unavailable problem?

After how long running or during what times does uT crash?

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About problem nr1 (the crashes), i have no clue what combination might trigger it. It just crashes. In most cases i was away and when i came back utorrent had crashed. And with the uptime, my computer is practically 24/7 online almost always having utorrent on. The current crashes seem to follow eachother quickly (i had 3 crashes past 3 days). And a few months ago i had a few in a row also (in between 1 time on the side). I could post all dumps i have so far, if you wish to have it's no problem.

About the internet unavailability, it seems in most cases because of my utorrent and the router can't handle it (or i think that is the problem)...but i find it weird in a sense that in most of the time i don't have any problem with internet @ all, because the uploads are always fairly high.

In concrete answer: my internet works most of the times when utorrent is put on hold, or if it doesnt i usually reboot and then it works.

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