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Bandwidth Throttle/Virtual Proxy Server


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Anyone know of any domestic router that allows you to throttle bandwidth ?

I know that commercial routers have this feature, such as when you use a paid public wifi connection.

I have used Abyss web server to make my files available on the net, I use it a long with Hamachi to create a virtual network adapter.

Would it be possible to set utorrent to use the Hamachi virtual adapter as a proxy and also use Abyss web server to throttle bandwidth to my dedicated file server therefore allow me to be able to use other internet services at normal speed ?

I've not tried it because, I'm having enough problems with my computers and I do not know enough about networking. I don't even know if this idea makes any sense.

Any informed advice would be much appreciated.

**I have read some of the posts about using the correct setting for utorrent and I've applied them as best I can and have noticed an improvement**

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