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super strange phenominon


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yo i was sharing a particular file today and it was extremely important that it completed as soon as possible. this particular file. was sharing for the past three days with an up of about 45 and a down of about 35. so shrunk the maximum up from 400kb/s to 4kb/s. the up flatlined at 4kb/s and the down flatlined at about 20kb/s.

so i fiddled with it some more

i set the up limit to eight and it flatlined at 8. but the down suddenly shot up to 600kb/s and went up and down like crazy. it went from 50% to 100% done in no time.


i like sharing as much as i can, but I'm not going to do it at such a high cost to my own pursuits.

i have comcast cable if that has anything to do with it.

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