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Very Fast Speeds, uTorrent Crashing...


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Often times uTorrent will flat out lock up and crash when transfers reach 10MBps or more.

Disk is not overloaded, the hardware is not an issue.

Dual Quad @ 2.13Ghz, 16GB Ram, Raid 10 across 4x300GB 15k SAS (Seagate) Drives on a Perc6 running Server 2003 Enterprise.

On a gigabit uplink to the public I do not have this issue with Azureus, however I don't torrent often unless we absolutely need to and when we do the transfer rates are always through the roof. I have not been able to find a fix for this unless I cap my download speed at a very small percentage of what speed is actually available.

Many times a Crash dump will be creating and at times nothing will happen, it will just crash.

I can upload a .dmp file if needed.

Has anyone else experienced somewhat of the same issue?

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