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More than one Limited setting in the scheduler?


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I'm currently using 1.8 and while i like the new seeding only setting i feel that uTorrent could get by without it and simply just have a second customizable limited setting (ie: so i could have D:80/U:40 from 1pm-5pm and D:180/U:80 from 6pm-10pm and full speed for the remainder). In linux i had the pleasure of using a torrent program that had three different scheduler settings and it was great. right now, with uTorrent, i find myself changing the speeds and a daily basis to suit my needs/capabilities (which vary greatly throughout the day).

are there any plans to implement more than one limited setting in the scheduler (three would be nice =))? if so, in what time frame?

also, if this has already been requested, could i please be directed to that thread cuz i couldnt find it.

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