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Tracker "Offline - (Timed out)"


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Hey everyone, yes I know this has been asked before, but it has had no successful answer, especially in my circumstances...

I have the latest release of Utorrent, my settings are

xx/ 384k

Upload, 35 kB/s

Upload Slots, 4

Connections 80

Connections (Global) 230

Max Active Torrents 3

Max Active Downloads 2

This is bang on according to SpeedTest.net's results for my network! I have the lvlLord patch installed to default 50, I have tried about 20 different tracker's and all after about 20seconds come up with the same error. They get downloading at about 20kB/s but still, it shouldn't disconnect me. As I said, this isn't just one tracker, it's every tracker I try! Some last longer than other's, but only for seconds! I don't know what to do, please help because it prevents me from downloading over-night. The only current fix is to restart Utorrent, but after 20 seconds it happens again

Please get back quick and help me!


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It attempts to increase the rate at which new connections are made, but the effectiveness of such increases are minimal in the first 2 minutes of a torrent and completely nonexistent after that.

Additionally, if your client can accept incoming connections, you don't need to make many outgoing connections at all to get peer connections.

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xmodderx said: "The only reason the connection is at xx/ 384 currently is because my internet is on a go slow, it's usually at xx 2Mbit"

You should NEVER be using xx/2mbit with your horribly slow line.

BTCentral also throttles BitTorrent further during peak times.

Even at best you probably only have 512 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth...thus xx/512k at most.

At worst, even xx/128k may be too fast. :(

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