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Green Checkmark, Now I need help with uTorrent settings please


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Hi, I've having very low downloading speeds (around 10kb/sec). Let me tell you some details.

-I have a green checkmark

-There are no firewalls blocking my connection

-Enable PNP/NAT -PMP port mapping are on

-Enable DHT network/for new torrents are on

-Enable Local Peer Discovery is on

-Encryption is off

-I have DSL

-For the speed test, my download speed is 1175kb/sec and my upload is 320kb/sec

-I set my speed connection on uTorrent for xx/256k

-My ISP is SBCGlobal

I'm getting slow speeds for most torrents. When I first open uTorrent and start downloading my first torrent, I max out at 147kb/sec. But then after a minute has passed, it quickly drops to about 10kb/sec and stays there. I don't think it's a poorly seeded torrent since on the peer tab, many people are downloading at speeds over 90kb/sec. Any help here please?

(Also, OpenOffice maxes out my connection at 147kb/sec and actually stays around that speed)

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Hmm... Have you considered the possibility that your ISP have begun blocking or filtering BT requests? Try enabling Encryption and Incoming Legacy Requests...

If, failing that, install LvlLord's patch, the peer tab isn't generally accurate enough to gauge like that aswell...

Other than that, I don't know

Sorry, Jamie

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I tried enabling Encryption and allowing Incoming Legacy Requests but my download speed remains around 5kb/sec :(

And what will Lvllord's patch do for and me? I've never heard of it.

Also, would it be compatible with Vista?


I looked into the Lvllord patch and it wouldn't work for me since I sadly have Vista. Luckily, I have gotten my download speed to at a steady 33kb/sec. The only change I've made was unrestricting my upload speed, which increased from 15kb/sec to 40kb/sec. This immediately rose my download speed to one much more reasonable. Is this normal and can be explained?

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It's normal in that BitTorrent behaves according to a tit-for-tat behavior where peers generally give a bit more preference to peers that give them more.

If your connection's maximum upload rate is indeed 320kbps, then using a 40KiB/s limit is bound to overload the connection, so you really should probably stick to the Speed Guide's recommendations.

If the OpenOffice.org torrent runs well, and you've set things properly, then alow speeds are usually attributable to slow swarms.

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