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Good modems/routers for BTing


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My router(belkin 7230 version 2000) and modem(zyxel 623R-T1) don't work well with BT.

When I have the modem bridged to the router, the connection gets dropped few times an hour. Currently, I turned on access point mode on the router and allowing the modem do dhcp... but I feel that it can barely handle that (dl capped at 50 and upload 10) - web pages take a long time to load. I'm currently on 1mb/128 but will be on 2mb/256 next month.

So, what routers/modems would you guys recomment which are BT friendly?

My uTorrent settings:

upload: 10

download: 50

Global max no of connections: 128

Connections per torrent: 77

Number of uploads per torrent: 4

Active torrents: 2

Active downloads: 1

DHT enabled

net.max_halfopen: 30 (patched to 50).

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i have a Safecom SAMR-4114 that i picked up cheap off a website. it was originally a pile of crap, the firmware was unstable and had alot of flaws in it. i got hold of a different companies firmware (JMK) from the ADSL Tech Forums and flashed my router and its been working like a dream ever since, not had a problem with it in over a yr now. i also have my xp tcpip.sys patched.

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I'm in a similar situation to ScubaSteve. I'm using a DSL-604+ which was also crap when I got it, it only ran for about 24 hours before it would lock up and I would have to do a hard reset (unplug it and plug it back in from the mains). Also it would lock up if I tried to send files with MSN Messenger..

Flashing the firmware fixed all these problems. Maybe you should try flashing the firmware and getting help from the router's manufacturers / any support forums instead? There are quite good support forums at Expansys for particular router models, at least the forum for my model was very helpful. :)

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I need a new router. Must be able to handle plenty of BT traffic, allowing port forwarding, connecting with a Motorola surfboard sb5120 cable modem, Cox HSI 9 down, 1 up service, 2 hard wire connections to router, 3 wireless (2 b, 1 g).

I have read some good things about ZYXEL X-550 - http://us.zyxel.com/products/model.php?indexcate=1125686118&indexcate1=1121212137&indexFlagvalue=1021876859

Anyone care to weigh in on this make & model or offer another recomendation?

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