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Speedtouch5x6 + DI524 No incoming connectons


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Hi, I have extensively researched on how to receive incoming connections but to no avail.

I am connected to a D-Link DI-524 wireless router on which my computer's IP is set at the DMZ. In addition i have also forwarded the port 51312 to my computer.

The wireless router is connected to the internet via a Speedtouch 5x6 (firmware version on which i have set through the game and application sharing feature to forward the 51312 port to the DI-524 router.

However the torrents never are green and triangle always indicates 'No incoming connections'. I am able to get nominal to low speeds ranging from 1 (or less) kBps to 30 kBps, but is almost always is below 5kBps. I am able to upload data and in fact here the speeds are more consistent and higher.

I have used variety of torrents with many seeders and few leechers to many seeds and many leechers. but it does not make a difference.

I have already played around with the encryption and have used every possible option but it does not make a difference.

When i use the 'Speed Guide' to 'Test if port is forwarded properly' in always get a "Error! Port 51312 does not appear to be open".

I have the same problem in Azureus.

Can someone share some ideas on what else i could try, especially on the aspect of port forwarding and the possible solutions to "Error! Port 51312 does not appear to be open".

Please let me know f you would like more details.

My computers's IP -

DI-524 IP - (as you may have already guessed)

Speedtouch 5x6 IP -

DI-524 (as assigned by the speedtouch) -

The Speedtouch is connected via DSL to the internet and is assigned an IP dynamically.

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