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100% CPU Usage, Consulted FAQ, didn't work


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Hi, as the subject suggests, I'm having a problem with utorrent which quite a few people seem to have. Basically, what happened is this: I was using version 1.5.something until yesterday when I decided to get rid of that irritating "Update Now" sign that kept popping up whenever I used utorrent and I updated to 1.7.7. And ever since then, utorrent seems to be working for about 5 minutes after which CPU usage rises to 100%, the consequences of which are fairly annoying. In retrospect, more annoying than that update note.

My router (D-Link 635) is not on the list of routers that cause problems and I'm using F-secure's firewall and antivirus. I tried to limit the amount of global connections to 100, but the problem remains. As I said, the program worked perfectly until the update, I had 800 connections as the limit and my download speeds reached 1,5 Mb. I'd be very grateful for any kind of help, thanks.

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