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I need some help. Could anybody?


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Im new to utorrent, I just installed it like 3 hours ago...and so far...Im switching to it right away...

Im sorry for bitlord, azureus, bitorrent, and bitcomet..(well not bitcomet yet..)

but I have this question:

Is there any place where I can see that people can actually connect to me?

I mean is being shown somewhere that I have no connectivity issues?

For example: In bitcomet, or any other bittorrent client, I can see who is remotely connected to me.

Even more, in abc, bitcomet, bittorrent, the icons change colors when there was a problem or anything going on with your connection to the tracker. Or you can get into the peer details tab and see who is remotely connected.

Unfortunately I couldn't find that option in utorrent, so I have to check with every tracker if Im actually allowing people to connect to me. I'm sure the option must be there inside utorrent and it's just that I cannot find it. Could anyone give me a hand?

thank you very much in advance.

ps: Please forgive me if Im posting this where I shouldnt. thanks bye bye

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The Peers tab. You can resize the little bar at the bottom to see all the info in it.

CHeck the Flags column in the peers tab, any peers that have "I" there mean they're incoming connections.

Also, if µTorrent gets an incoming connection, it will show Network OK in the status bar. If you run it on a reasonably large torrent and get no incoming connections, it will show "NAT Error"

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This is amazing!!!!!!!!! I wasn't expecting to get an answer so fast!!!

thanks a los firon!!!

I just went into utorrent...and I have this:

upnp ok.

and I have a couple of letters "I" inside the peer's tab.

So I think Im ok!!!

I cannot find anything like network ok. But everything looks so fine I won't touch anything else!!!

Thanks a lot for your help!!! I just can't see the new version poping out of the box!!!

have a good day thanks! bye bye!

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Network OK is down at the bottom of the window. Lemme take a screenshot...


By the way, you can quickly set download/upload caps by right clicking on the box the D: and U: is in respectively.

You can also customize the right click menu with values you want by customizing gui.ulrate_menu and gui.dlrate_menu in the Advanced Options.

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If you run it on a reasonably large torrent and get no incoming connections, it will show "NAT Error"

Now I'm really confused. I though NAT ERROR had to do with allowed ports and port forwarding..

Also...I can see my down and up rates on the bottom bar, but i don't recall seeing 'network ok'.... is there something else that i'm missing?

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µTorrent cannot display NAT Error reliably (lack of forwarded port/firewall blocking incoming connections) unless it's with a large torrent. That's why you may see it as blank for a long time. If you see nothing there and never have seen Network OK, it's probably that your ports aren't forwarded or a firewall is blocking incoming connections.

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