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Minor stupid question out of curiousity


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X of Y Connected (Z in swarm)

I was just wondering, how exactly utorrent determines the Y and Z. I mean what the difference is. For example, if it says something like 2 of 5 connected(3 in swarm) how is it that the swarm is less than the 5? I mean if I can connect to a possible 5 people, shouldn't the swarm say 5 as well?

I'm guessing this has something do with DHT maybe?

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I see. What I'm asking is where the 2 that aren't in swarm but are apparently 'there' come from. Is that DHT's doing?

I know it's not just outdated data or something like that since I announced again to make sure.

And oppositely, what does the reverse mean when it says something like

2 of 3 connected (5 in swarm)

What is it that stops the client from counting 2 of those 5 as connectible?

This isn't really important, per se. It's just been bugging me since I don't really know how this stuff works and I'm a curious fellow. Thanks for humoring me

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