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Speed Spikes Problem


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I've been trying to figure out this problem for a long time. I stopped using utorrent before because of it and i was hoping it was fixed with the new version, because except this it's a great client.

Here's my situation:

I'm on a 500+ users LAN. Our LAN has GB nodes (thus very good peering) with other LANs in the metro area. We have a tracker set up for all these connected LANs. I usually download from it with speeds between 1 - 2 MB/s sometimes more, sometimes less, depends on how many seeders there are and if they are connectable. I don't have an external ip, only a LAN ip, the external ip gets assigned automaticly from the router. My problem is this:

With utorrent - I start downloading. Goes up to 1.5 MB/s which is ok, stays there for about 10 seconds then starts dropping and stops at about 5 KB/s and just stays there.

With BitCommet - I start the same torrent. Goes up to 2 MB/s and variates arround that speed untill the torrent is finished.

utorrent displays Network OK, OS is Win XP Pro sp2, no firewall, no ISP blockage of any sort, DHT disabled, UPnP disabled, port 65531 (doesn't matter actually, i tried different ones). I need as much download and upload as i can get from it, i don't want limitations, nor are they necesary. If anyone ever found the solution to this problem as i noticed it's a common one or at least variations of it, i would really appreciate it. I really like utorrent and would like to use it instead of the heavy BitCommet.

Best regards,

Lucian (Skello)

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When I've run µTorrent in a swarm with many BitComet users, I often see them swapping data at a good rate (30+ seeds/peers swapping data at 30 - 60 kB/s each) while I'm getting 10 kB/s from the lot of them.

It's the only client that I've witnessed that appears to blatantly discriminate in such a manner and would suggest that it's author might be steering the latest incarnations of his app towards licensing it to some corporation ala Exeem.

It wouldn't be the first time he's done this, as I understand it. BitLord is an older version of BitComet, with a side order of crap.

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Hi (first post btw)

I also have this kind of problem although mine is from my home network (3 computers). I'm not sure why this is happening. Recently, I had some issue with my speed. Well.. for some strange reason, its perfectly fine when i download stuff off oink.me.uk. I found out from this forum that Linksys router's firmware had problem and so i followed the step and updated it with "HyperWRT 2.1b1 tofu11". After that, it seems that my internet is running better but now whenever i download using utorrent i get a strange problem. What happens is once i turn it on, it will connect to peers and start downloading at like 100kB/s but after a few second, it will start droping and droping to like very low like in the 5kB/s and 0kB/s and i'll start loosing peers. Than my speed will fluctuate.. It'll go up a bit to like 20kB/s and than back down... before that, i normally download in the 150kB/s to 300kB/s. This is very frustrating and i'm not sure why it is happening.

Hope someone here can help.

Thanks in advance.

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