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net.outgoing_port and wine (error 10049)


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After more than a day of troubleshooting (really), uninstalling wine, removing my settings and re-hashing torrents etc... I finally found what's causing my problem.

The symptom is that about half of my torrents (which ones seem to be random) show as "Tracker status: Error 10049" - but apparently only when I've changed the net.outgoing_port setting. The longer µTorrent is running, the less torrents are "red".

I'm using traffic shaping, and I'd really, really like to restrict µTorrent to a port range.

The problem is the same with three versions of wine (0.9.45, .54 and .55), µTorrent 1.7.7 and the latest (as of 2 hours ago) alpha.

Any ideas?

Same deal with Linux 2.6.22 and a patched (vmsplice exploit) 2.6.23 kernel btw.

Edit: net.outgoing_max_port seems to be broken, too...? I set outgoing_port to 63000 and max_port to 63999, and ran "netstat -an | grep ':63'. ALL hits (68 atm) are on port 63000, nothing on anything higher.

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