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µtorrent 1.3 b364 - Connections established to slow/never


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I am currently testing µtorrent v1.3 build 364. I've noticed that since 1.2 (or older) the connection to others have extremly slowed down. Other torrent clients like Bittornado, G3 or Azureus connects much more faster then µtorrent. The torrent which you see on the picture is now running for about 24 hours and I got only 4 connections.

I have a router and forward the port (tcp and udp) which µtorrent uses. Also I checked if the others (missing) are connectable. They are! I also tried to adjust the bt.connect_speed to 100 or even more with no results. It seems to me that µtorrent always only uses up to 50% of the current swarm (seeders/leechers). This seems really like a bug to me.

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading. µtorrent is great.


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