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not Forwarded Port thought


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good day,

i've been reading a lot of articles and FaQs about why torrent clients should be Port-Forwarded, so far i did understand that if you dont port-forward and another peer also is not Port-forwarding then both wont connect to each other....

the thing is.. i am not port-forwarding (by choice, i choose not to) and i reach the allocated Per-Torrent peers/seeds (25 per torrent) and get full up and down speed even if utorrent gets the RED icon.

i think the Portforward thing has been very overblown and i see absolutely no reason to portforward anymore, as far as security goes its also better not to port-forward.

if anyone's getting poor speed that's likely the Peer/Seed you are connected to and or your ISP, port-foward doesn't ruin your speed.

EMULE may need it, DC++ maybe.....torrent clients dont. ;)

unless you can prove otherwise or anyone here can give me a better real reason then i'm all ears. :)

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Security is absolutely NOT a factor. Port forwarding does not directly affect your speeds, but it generally has a big impact on it. Port forwarding is most certainly not an overblown issue. Put it this way: if everyone followed your train of thought and didn't bother forwarding their port, then you wouldn't have any source for the data to begin with.

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hmm you've got a point Ultima, indeed as long as 50/50 portforwarded and not its ok, if 100% all not portforwarded nobody would connect.

as everything in life there are pro and cons :)

thanks for the link, at this point i will port-forward again then.

you know what, i'm glad i asked this question and got a reply from real people the guides left me still quite unsure, now i got no doubts.

oh and btw uT 1.7 is great :)

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