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I would like to point out the existence of the BitTorrent Enhancement Proposal (BEP) forum for protocol related discussions, proposal submissions, etc. In particular http://www.bittorrent.org describes the BitTorrent Enhancement Proposal (BEP) process and has approximately 20 BEPs (as of the time of this posting) for the community to review. Many of these proposals were not authored by BitTorrent, Inc. For example Michael Burford, John Hoffman, and Olaf van der Spek have all submitted BEPs. Furthermore, some of the BEPs were written in collaboration with people outside BitTorrent, e.g., Anthony Ciani co-authored the proposal for tracker peer obfuscation.

If you notice anything eerily familiar with the forums then you have correctly noticed that forum.bittorrent.org runs the same software with the same basic configuration and even on the SAME servers as forum.utorrent.com. Thank you Firon.

NOTE: All ideas in proposals submitted to bittorrent.org are required to be in the public domain. If you are a developer, you can be reasonably assured BEP authors will not ambush you with patent infringement lawsuits later on. If you propose an idea, expect to be asked to assign in writing the idea to the public domain before it can be accepted as Final.

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