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New downloading set up [default dir]


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First of all, I would like to say that I've used Azureus and BitComet and enjoyed both until I found µTorrent. With the recent ban on BC, I decided to try µTorrent and have found it's features wonderful.

I had computer resource problems with Azureus, and bandwidth problems with BitComet.

They both seemed to waste bandwidth even when not seeding (just having the torrent 'Started'/connected).

µTorrent has solved these major problems, as well as the DHT flag handling. (Thanks guys)

The only problem I find with µTorrent is the way it handles where files are downloaded to. With BC I was able to set up a default directory but customize it with every torrent.

For example, all of my torrents would load and ask for where I wanted them, but the dir would be:


This made it easy for me to change where I wanted the file (by just typing in the dir) and also made it easier to create dir's according to the torrent's title:


I find it hard to customize where my torrents are going in µTorrent, whether using a default dir, or not.

Thanks guys for the great work and the consideration of my suggestion.

Best of luck,


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