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Help!! different advice on Utorrent preferances


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Hi All,

I have been getting some pretty average speeds and read alot of posts on the subject. However, I haven't been able to get a consistent answer on the following and so, in my hour of need, I turn to you - the utorrent community - for help.

What should the following settings be?

1) Global maximum number of connections? People have suggested 3000 but this doesn't sound right.

2) Maximum number of connected peers per torrent?

3) Number of upload slots per torrent?

4) Number of active torrents?

5) Maximum number of active downloads?

6) Modified TCP/IP settings - how many concurrent half open connections?100?

My Connection:

Type: Cable (direct)

approx 30,000kbps (30Mbps) Download - verified

approx 1,145kbps (125kBps) Upload -verified

Thanks in advance.

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