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.loaded files not deleted is a BUG


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First I do not see how I violated the rules and do not appreciated closing the topic without any stated reason.

Here are the posted rules:

-SEARCH before asking a question.

-Do not post links to sites or tracking which may contain illegal content.

-Refrain from using obscene or foul language.

-Posts outside the translation section must be in english.

I did search before posting didn't find anything about this bug. I didn't post any links, or any illegal content. I didn't use any obscene of foul language, and I posted in english. I do not see which rule I broke.

Plus do not give what YOU THINK is the solution without explain how to use it and where it is. I found it by looking through each option one by one, and it is not where one would expect to find a TORRENT OPTIONS. It is under OTHER OPTIONS and That whole "Auto-Load Torrents" should be under TORRENT OPTIONS.

My bug post is valid, and should be heard out and not dismissed.

BTW option/solution is not good enough. If I tell the program by right click to Remove and Delete .torrent file then I want it to do this regardless of the renaming the file. This is a BUG because its not doing what I requested. Renaming the file is not what I want it to do, nor is there an option I can find to disable that. Plus I do not want it to delete the torrent file until I right click and tell it to. Basically under uTorrents approach to this the right click remove and delete torrent file can never work because you only offer two things either rename it to .loaded when loading, or deleted when loading. There is never a .torrent file left to request to be deleted. The default way leaves a bunch of crap in a directory that you manually have to clean up.

So consider this a BUG or a FEATURE request I do not care, but do not be rude about it.

This type of support will make users run to other good torrent clients that are equally free.

To sum up:

1. Should be allowed to disable/enable renaming of torrent files to .loaded

2. Should be allowed to disable/enable having the .torrent file deleted ever until I request it

3. Regardless of wether uTorrent renamed the file, if I say to remove and delete it, it should do it

4. "Auto-Load Torrents" options belongs in Torrent Options since it is about torrents.

5. Don't tell someone they are violating a rule, and not tell them which rule they are violating.

Below is my orignal post and the rude reply.


Using latest 1.3 release and this has been around for a while. It when I right click and tell it to remove and delete the torrent file it doesn't. It leaves the .loaded file which is the torrent file that it renamed.

I do not know why it does this, why can't it just leave the file name alone?

Firon replyed:

It makes a copy of the torrent and renames the old one to loaded. There's an option called "Delete torrent instead of renaming, when loading" for a reason.

Please read the rules before posting - it makes my life a little easier.

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I locked your first thread because there is no bug, you just thought there was (and this same exact topic has been discussed before actually).

The reason it's not a bug is because µTorrent COPIES the torrent in the auto-load folder to its own torrent storage folder. It deletes the .torrent just fine: the one in its TORRENT STORAGE FOLDER (%AppData%\uTorrent by default). µTorrent uses the storage folder to store whatever torrents you load.

Now, it renames torrents in the auto-load folder to .loaded to tell you that "hey, this torrent has been loaded" and so that µTorrent doesn't try to load it again. Some people would rather not have two copies of it, so the option "Delete torrent instead of renaming, when loading" was added.

Do you get it now?

Also, the rules thing is my sig.

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Well there is the bug then...

My autoload and torrent folder are the same since I want all my torrents in the same place. (Go figure?) To me regardless if its autoloaded or manually loaded I want them in the same place. I guess you need to take this into consideration then.

You know how I know the torrent has been loaded? I see it in the UI, I don't need it to rename the file, and I think there should be an option to disable this. This is more of a feature request born out of what I interpret as a bug do to a conflict.

I think there is a conflict you are not accounting for when the autoload and the torrent folder are the same. This conflict sounds sorta buggish to me. If not then I can make it a feature request.

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Please note that the auto-load folder CANNOT be either %Appdata%\uTorrent, OR the folder you specified for "Store .torrent files in." If you use the same folders for both, you WILL have problems.

You can't use the same folder for both. Simple as that.

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Then why not validate this when I click OK or when I leave the field? And provide the warning at that time. People don't look at FAQ's until they have problems and sometimes not even then. Also if everything appears to work fine then why would I look there? :)

I think its a simple solution to fix. But whatever.... I give up... nevermind...

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Yeah, it probably should do that. I'll suggest it to ludde :P

Anyway, use two different folders, and use the delete option so you won't have any .loaded torrents in the auto-load folder. You'll only have ONE copy of the torrent (in the .torrent storage folder), and whenever you choose delete, it'll be deleted.

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OK, all of this is confusing.

my dl finished dir is: ...\bittorrent.complete

my dl unfinished dir is: ...\bittorrent.partials

my autoload dir is: ...\bittorrent.torrents (delete after load = off)

version 1.4

I don't have any .torrents under %app data\utorrent. These files are all there is: dht.dat, dht.dat.old, resume.dat, resume.dat.old, settings.dat, settings.dat.old.

Sometimes when I close utorrent (file->exit), I lose half my torrents on the gui list, so I have to re-add them from ".loaded"s. Sometimes I don't lose anything, sometimes everything is gone.

Also, if I use remove&delete torrent, the .loaded in ...\bittorrent.torrents gets deleted (like I want it to), sometimes it doesn't. So really, I can't make any sense of this. Are there different settings I should use or something?

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