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1.7.7 freezing in vista 32bit when closing utorrent


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when i go to close utorrent it freezes and shows as it being closed in the taskbar but in the processes it is still listed and will not go out of there and cannot be removed from there.

the only way for me to start back up utorrent is to restart the system.

it downloads just fine.

here are some specific system stats

cpu core2quad 6600

ram 4 gig ddr2 800

hard drive 500 gig sata western digital ( about 200 gigs free )

motherboard gigabyte ga-p35-ds3®

video card ati radeon x1650

windows vista 32 bit

zonealarm free version

avg anti virus free version

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thanks. that worked but i am curious i used zonealarm on my xp machine and also utorrent and it works fine there is it just an interaction with vista and the other 2 that caused the problem? and i will test and see if the newest version of zonealarm works properly with it and will post back my results in a few minutes.

edit- the newest version seems to work fine it is version

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