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Fast Torrent Gone Slow


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I have a torrent which has about 42 seeds, 420 peers.

I was getting about 200-300kb/sec download yesterday morning but then in the afternoon it dropped to 0.1 or 0.2kb/sec download but still uploading at 35kb/sec.

I thought it was a temporary thing but it's been like that for the last day and a half - I got the 1st half of the file within a few hours and then havn't really got any more for the last day and a half.

It's currently showing 0(42) seeds and 50(420) peers, doing 0.2kb/sec download and 35kb/sec upload.

I've got the forwarding setup, got a green tick and nothing has changed since I was getting the fast speeds.

I've tried restarting uTorrent, rebooting the computer and rebooting the router but no difference.

Any ideas?



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what doees the availability column say?

ah, you are not connected to any seeders...hmmm...

so no incoming connections? do you see peers on the peers' tab with a flag "I" (=incoming) ?

is your port forwarded correctly as in do you have a green tick in the status bar?

if your port is forwarded correctly then you could try enabling DHT on the torrent to try to connect to seeders through DHT.

it's also possible that you encounter a fake torrent where you get stuck on 98% and nothing further happens except seeding what you already have...

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