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Seeding a Created Torrent


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I currently use uTorrent 1.7.7 (build 8179) as my torrent client.

The Problem

When I create a torrent and upload it, I don't connect to anyone who is trying to download, even if there are 7 or more trying to download from me. If I do connect, the connection is short lived, for no longer than a minute, I'll upload a meg or two and then the torrent will promptly disconnect.

This will happen when all other torrents are switched off and uTorrent is closed down and re-started. I have no problem connecting to and seeding back files that I download.

The Facts

I am fully connectable and port is opened.

Torrent is created in uTorrent.

After uploading the torrent, the torrent I have uploaded is deleted and a new torrent is downloaded and directed to the file.

The torrent checks and moves to completed/seeding.

Initial-Seeding is checked in torrent properties (no different when just seeding).

Bandwidth allocation is set to *High*.

I have a VDSL connection.

I installed another client called "Deluge" and it connected and seeded the files without any problems at, at a respectable speed.

The Solution

I'm hoping that some one here can supply that.

Thanks in advance.....


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I seriously doubt it is my ISP as live in South Korea. I have uploaded on torrents that I have snatched at 300 kBs and download at 1.4 mBs.

The problem only exists on torrents that I have created and uploaded.

No, I haven't tried 1.8 yet, I think that is an alpha version. Off to check on that wild statement now.

I was just perusing the "slow speed" forum and made some changes in my preferences, I'll see what that does for me as well.

Cheers for the responses.....

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