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Unwanted feature... or just a bug ?


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At times i reload a torrent from the 'Store .torrent files in' specified folder (for example when i remove, then reload the torrent to clear out stats), or some other folder on my hd.

When i do this (or i load a torrent from the original folder) uTorrent allways seem to copy it in the above folder, regardless wether it is present or not (effectively renaming the 'new' .torrent file. After time i get cluttering of the above folder with same/liking files that i need to manually delete by entering the folder (not sure which files are running and therefore fine, and which are clutters).

I would like to have it to ASK if it should replace the file allready present in the above folder, or just use the one present, or rename it into something else if i desire it too. It should not delete/rename .torrent files auto, resulting in unexpected behaviour.

Any thought on this ?


Still the best client around....

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