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mobile ui not working


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Hello all, I am writing in because I have utorrent running on a computer, and have the web ui installed. I can use the web ui just fine, it works outside my network, but when I attempt to use the mobile ui on my phone or computer it just sits there for about 15-20 seconds, then doesn't load anything. All it loads is the refresh button, 0%, then the control buttons. It seems like the mobile ui server is not able to contact my utorrent. I do have a url leading back to the computer, and can use that url from a computer to get the web ui. I have also tried the IP address, but with no change. I was able to use the mobile ui, but then one day I went to use it and it didn't work. This was about 3 weeks ago. I have double checked my settings, I have the torrent port and the web ui port forwarded, I am using the web 8080 port for the web ui.

The computer is running Windows Server 2003, with PeerGuardian 2. I have uninstalled peerguardian thinking it might be the problem, but it is not. uTorrent is up to date at 1.7.7, I have removed, downloaded and installed the new WebUI from the web. It still does not work. I am out of ideas, so any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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