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slow speeds NAT error on internet connection through public LAN


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I have an internet connection via a public LAN.torrent traffic is allowed.I am getting the NAT error(red circle/No incoming connections).I tried the 'listen port' test and it resulted in failure.I've serched a lot on port forwarding but i dint find any guide specific for a public LAN scenario,the ones for university mentioned that torrent traffic is blocked.torrents are allowed in my case.

one imp bit of info here is that the test port button listed my server's ip in the results page.my ip is like on a local lan(the private ip).i have no issues with software firewalls.its probably not possible to try the regular port forwarding technique for my net admin,opening port for each individual user as there are 1000s of user over the LAN.

any suggustion how i can solve the NAT n spped issue.It's pretty much 'the outside internet world not able to see me behind the server' isssue.Whatever more info u guys need to diagnose my issue i'll try to come up with it.

sorry 4 my bad english


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