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Not connecting to the full number of seeds/peers


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Hey all

I'm not able to connect to all the seeds and peers that are available for all torrents. For example, when a torrent has 300 seeds and 1000+ peers, I'm only able to connect to ~10 seeds and 100 peers.

Hope you guys can shed some light on this.

My configuration is as follows:

WinXP PRO SP2 with firewall disabled

Antivirus disabled

Behind Linksys WRT54G v2.2 router with firmware fixed (tofu11 thing that's posted)

Modem's capabilities: 1500kbps DOWN/ 256kbps UP

µtorrent's settings:


listening port: 14496 (forwarded)

max upload rate : 28kBps

max download rate : 199kBps

alternate upload box : UNCHECKED


global max connection: 1000

connected peers/torrent: 400

upload slots/torrent: 7

I'm downloading one and only 1 torrent.

Network status: OK


What gives?

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Even if you do allow alot of seeds and peers to connect to you, the trackers will only hand out AT MOST about 50 at a time. So at best you might accumulate 50 new peers/seeds every new time the tracker sends you a list...and that assumes no earlier duplicates!

They do this because otherwise every new peer would be requesting ever-increasing amounts of data. And with big torrents, trackers would go DOWN if they had to not only track everything but share that information with EVERYONE.

I think you would agree that it does nobody any good to send out a list of 1,000+ seeds+peers to dial-up users trying to connect to a torrent. Broadband may be much faster, but it still has a limit and we often have to cater to the lowest common denominator (the slowest ones.)

Maybe it's not even any peers/seeds that have a bottleneck, but to keep a tracker's bandwidth use low you cannot just easily get connections to 100's of peers/seeds in a big torrent.

If your download speeds don't come within 50% of your upload speeds, (this would be 14 KB/sec) then it's probably because you're firewalled -- not because you can't get enough peers/seeds. Unless of course the torrent is very seed-poor...but in your example that wasn't the problem.

And you're not complaining that you can't connect with any seeds or peers at all. But if you're firewalled, it's possible to get on a rare torrent where everyone might be firewalled...and then nothing can be shared.

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I've tried the settings as recommended, and left it to run overnight. Still no go. Stuck hovering between 5kB/s - 15kB/s.

I'm not good at this P2P thingy, but I don't think it's a firewall on the server side, since some of my peers are getting good speeds. The main problem is I'm not connecting to all the peers that I'm supposed to. Something's preventing this.


Here's a screenie. I'll take note of some of my router settings later :D

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